The key to happiness and balance is right with you, just learn to use it – Part 1 of the thinkmaya framework

It is hard to believe that we really have control over the happiness our in our lives. It is even harder to believe that there are very simple things we can do to balance our lives in this chaotic world. Yes, the key is right with us, all we need to do is understand HOW to use it. Most people look for a list of things to do at this point, but I believe in giving you a framework that you probably will be able to apply in most cases and come up with a list of things that will work just for you.

If you are too busy working on the happiness and balance in your life and do not have the time to read the complete post, just skip over to the slideshare at the end of the post …

How did I come upon this?

Through trial and error. Through continuous introspection. Through continuous analysis. Throughout my life. I do not claim that it is the answer to everything, but it is a start and a very good one at that. Over the years, I have applied it in my life for little things and big and it always seems to help me find that missing factor in my happiness. I am curious to see what people think of it and if other people will indeed find it useful.

The Background

Life is hard. Really hard. Relationships can be hard on us. And then there are responsibilities, obligations and finances. Life has challenges. We are constantly being tested – physically, emotionally and intellectually. How is it that some people seem to deal with it with wonderful poise and some of us get completely overwhelmed from time to time? I think the key lies in how people take consume and internalize this complicated web the world presents. The key lies in how we untangle this web and roll up a fresh new ball of yarn for ourselves and weave our lives from it with a wonderfully new perspective. We are what we think, do and feel. The magic lies in guiding ourselves, slowly nudging ourselves to be the person we want to be…

Let me use a picture to explain how we all are inherently made. At our very core, each of us is made of our heart, brain and body. At every moment in our lives these three components are alive, participating and communicating with each other.. making us feeling, thinking, acting human beings.

The heart, brain and body manifest externally as our feelings/emotions, thoughts and  actions respectively. The combination of feelings, thoughts and actions is what makes up our expressions .What we are on the outside is nothing but an expression of what we are on the inside. And what we are on the inside is a function of how we internalize our life experiences, situations and challenges.

If you agree with that,you should also agree that we should never be a victim of our experiences and situations since we have total control over how we internalize it all. And if we choose happiness, we will be happiness! Right?

Right. But not so easy.

The world is complex and our minds, bodies and hearts are constantly bombarded with stimulation … sending conflicting messages to every part of our being. In this noise, we lose the ability to hear our feelings and thoughts. When we stop hearing, we lose the ability to respond to our thoughts and feelings …we lose the ability to respond to ourselves. Very soon, we find ourselves acting in ways we do not believe, saying things we do not mean and reacting to situations in ways we do not think appropriate. We continue to do things that we know make us unhappy. What is more, when we have done this long enough, this becomes our truth and we go every distance to justify it.

And then we wonder why we are not happy.

What is the framework?

When we let our emotions, thoughts and actions communicate honestly with each other, listen to each other and collaborate, they help us make the right decisions for a happy life. They hold hands and walk together, leaving us in the Happy Core – free and joyful, ready to live the present and explore the future.

The thinkmaya framework will show you HOW to do this.

Here is a short version of my post above (best viewed in full screen mode):

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  • Avani-Mehta

    You got me questioning myself … how can we align our thoughts, feelings and actions? One answer that popped is by staying true to our values. Looking forward to what you have to say.

    Avani-Mehtas last blog post..Honor Your Anger Style : Anger Management Series Part V

  • Jonathan Mead

    Hello Maya. I really enjoyed this article. :] I stumbled it for you. Cheers!

  • Vered – MomGrind

    “If you are too busy working on the happiness and balance in your life and do not have the time to read the complete post, just skip over to the slideshare at the end of the post”.

    Maya, you are so considerate! That was just awesome of you to acknowledge that not everyone has the time to read full blog posts.

    I’m with Jonathan on this one: it’s a great article. Stumbled. :)

  • maya

    Hi Avani,
    Yes, values are such an integral part of our happiness … I hope that comes across well in my framework in my next post.
    Thank you for taking the time to comment!

    Hi Jonathan,
    I am so glad you stopped by AND stumbled my article. Thank you so much. It means a lot when bloggers such as you can relate to my blog! I would love your feedback once I have published my framework!

    Hi Vered,
    Yes, it took me a while to realize that there are so many well meaning folk in the blog world, except they have only a limited amount of time. If I want to reach out, be heard and spoken to then it is my responsibility to deliver appropriately …
    I also enjoyed making the slideshow – it really challenges us to get our point across succinctly.
    Thanks so much for the stumble!

  • Kimberlee


    Excellent post! It is so important to find proper balance in your life, and live true to yourself. I can’t wait to see what comes next!

    I also love the slideshow idea! Incredible! Web readers do skim, and a quick visual can make all the difference. Subscribed and stumbled.

    Keep up the excellent work!


    Kimberlees last blog post..A Helping Hand

  • Shamelle – TheEnhanceLife

    How many times have you said, “All I want is to be happy”? So many of us get caught up in looking outside ourselves for happiness when, in fact, happiness is something that you can choose at any time.
    You post clearly iterates it.

    Good advice.

    Shamelle – TheEnhanceLifes last blog post..Over Spending & Impulse Buying: 8 Reasons Why You’re Not To Blame

  • Davina

    Hi Maya. Well, I read the post and watched the slideshare… what can I say, I was curious. What stood out for me here was the phrase, “…we have total control over how we internalize it all.” Looking forward to Part 2.

    Davinas last blog post..Free Spirit My Ass!

  • Barbara Swafford

    Hi Maya – Your slide show is an ingenious concept. What a great addition to a blog post.

    I love the part where you said “you should also agree that we should never be a victim of our experiences and situations”. That is so true.

    Barbara Swaffords last blog post..Biggest Misconceptions About Blogging

  • Ari Koinuma


    Wow! This is a fantastic presentation! Your post got me so enthused — because it’s so well done. The slide show is awesome, and your writing is so simple, so free of clatter — that it gets straight to the point.

    Good job, Maya. I am very impressed. For what it’s worth, I don’t say that to people that often.


    Ari Koinumas last blog post..The Only One Who Can Teach

  • maya

    Hi Kimberlee,
    Thank you for the subscribe and the stumble. I am so glad you liked the slideshow idea – I really want to reach people. And thank you for offering help out on your blog. The next on my todo for my blog is to actually add a blogroll and give back some link love to all the wonderful blogs that I have been reading and the people who have been visiting, you included. Thanks so much!

    Hi Shameele,
    I am so glad you visited and saw value in my post! I hope you come back to read part 2 of the post and let me know if it indeed makes sense.

    Hi Davina,
    I am working on writing up part 2 now. From what I know about you from your blog (highly introspective and free spirited), I look forward to hearing what you think of my framework. I am filled with nervous excitement :)

    Oh Barbara,
    When you stop by my blog and say a concept works I really feel my eyes tearing up :) with joy. Thank you. Thank you. Thank YOU!

    Thank you so much. I am so touched when people even stop by to comment, but your kind words mean so much more in terms of encouragement! This blog has been in my head for a long time and now that I am working on it I really really hope to make a difference in people’s lives.

  • Stacey / Create a Balance

    I love how you incorporated your framework presentation into your post! I think of this core connection as synchronizing your authentic voice.

    Stacey / Create a Balances last blog post..Yes, Oprah Really Did Call Me

  • maya


    Thank you for the feedback on the presentation.
    You are so right about syncing the authentic voice. In my experience, even finding our authentic voice amidst all these life challenges is a big deal!

    mayas last blog post..The key to happiness and balance is right with you, just learn to use it – Part 1 of the thinkmaya framework

  • Jean Browman–Cheerful Monk

    “How can we align our thoughts, feelings and actions?” One of the Traits of Stress-Hardy, Resilient People is

    “They realize that the quality of our lives depends on how we focus our energy and our attention. They try to align their thoughts and actions with their values. They know how to motivate themselves to take action.”

    I agree, you have to take the time to discover your basic values.

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  • Neeta

    Hi Maya,

    How wonderful to discover your blog, made my day :-)
    Your writing is clear and comes from an alignment of heart and mind…..expressing your authentic self beautifully….

    And the slideshow – really impressive, Bravo!

    Looking forward to the second part, and everything that follows on flowing from your Self…..


    Neetas last blog post..A Blast from the past and Vijay…..

  • Marelisa

    Hi Maya: It’s so true that we have these three different voices all speaking from a different perspective that we need to coordinate. I also think that each one of us has a tendency to listen more to one over the other two. I loved the slide show presentation. I subscribed so that I don’t miss the “thinkmaya framework for happiness and balance” (great name by the way).

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  • Nikhil Bagri

    Dear Mayu,

    Fully subscribe to the fact that my happiness and my emotions are in .. well my control

    You cant imagine how elated I am to see someone ‘document my mind’ and more so that its you