The Calm Fire : A journal entry

My husband has been away for a few days and he will be away for a few more. During this time, as I go about my day, managing my 2 little girls, the 2 dogs, a cat and my most recent baby Memetales, a number of thoughts flow in and out of my head …thoughts about my life, my kids and mostly my husband. I go about my day with a sense of calm (so far at least πŸ™‚ ) and manage to last until 10 p.m every single night when a strange kind of exhaustion starts to hit. And then, I try to work some, but eventually decide it is best to go to bed at a time when my head feels like a trash truck filled to the brim …

I lie down and my thoughts start to flow out – like water that flows out of a jug when tilted. Wonderfully bloggable ideas …but by the morning they have all flowed out and evaporated …and new thoughts start to form again ….

After a few days of this, I am exhausted. Tonight, I just have to unload some of my thoughts ….

This post today is more of a journal entry than my typical blog post … I have just decided to go with the flow on this one …

And I wonder where does my strange sense of calm come from when I am all by myself with at least 5 living creatures completely dependent on me and my husband is half-way across the world???

It is really coming from me – somewhere deep inside of me ….

But how did that calm get inside of me – somewhere deep inside of me ?

I guess it comes from inside of me – like a fire that burns within, but one that is kept alive by a number of people and factors. My “fire of calm” is kept alive by the support I get from my husband, a sense of accomplishment/learning I get from pursuing something intellectual/spiritual in my life and a sense of self-worth and simple joy I get from caring for and sharing with my kids and animals. And so, like all paradoxes in life – this fire that burns bright isΒ  a calm one, this fire that burns deep inside is fueled as much from the outside as the inside.

And the fire burns on – even with my husband half-way across the globe …

But it is not always this way. There are times when I am completely the opposite. When something someone says will fill me with a great sense of self doubt. When I am filled with hopelessness. When the world looks different and my response to every single thing will be vastly different from what it will be today, when I feel that calm fire inside of me.

All my life, struggle and introspection in my life has been about understanding who I am when and learning how to respond to and tend to myself. This seems to be paying off somewhat as I learn to bring up my own children, it seems to be paying off.

Do you have a calm fire inside of you? A fire that keeps you warm and protected? Or a rock that keeps you grounded? Who or what is that? And do you notice when the fire is disturbed?

In my next post called You and You, I will talk more about how I recognize myself in my different forms and what I do about it. And as usual, I will come up with a structure to help you recognize the different YOUs you might come across.

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Creative Commons License photo credit: lrargerich