Reflecting on life

As I was busily cleaning some clunky jewelery boxes of mine over the weekend, I found a little something that made me stop.

Stop and reflect. On the beauty of life.

I discovered a pile of cards safely tucked away in one of my boxes. Honestly, I have NO memory of them at all.
A pile of cards that Pree gave me on my birthday on April 28th, 2001 – almost 9 years ago!

Looking at the cards transported me to the past and reflect on our years together. I thought about how much we have done over the years and how much more of life we want to LIVE.

I am grateful for the good life I have had. I am grateful we have continued to focus on the good things over the years. I am grateful we dreamt dreams and still do. I am grateful for what the future will bring us.

Here are some of the cards – they are not perfect in the way they are created perhaps – little drawings on paper…. But, to me, they could not be any more perfect 🙂

Have you re-discovered memories and *stuff* from the past? I would LOVE To hear about the beauty from your past that keeps you going ….