Reflecting on life

As I was busily cleaning some clunky jewelery boxes of mine over the weekend, I found a little something that made me stop.

Stop and reflect. On the beauty of life.

I discovered a pile of cards safely tucked away in one of my boxes. Honestly, I have NO memory of them at all.
A pile of cards that Pree gave me on my birthday on April 28th, 2001 – almost 9 years ago!

Looking at the cards transported me to the past and reflect on our years together. I thought about how much we have done over the years and how much more of life we want to LIVE.

I am grateful for the good life I have had. I am grateful we have continued to focus on the good things over the years. I am grateful we dreamt dreams and still do. I am grateful for what the future will bring us.

Here are some of the cards – they are not perfect in the way they are created perhaps – little drawings on paper…. But, to me, they could not be any more perfect :)

Have you re-discovered memories and *stuff* from the past? I would LOVE To hear about the beauty from your past that keeps you going ….

  • Hello Maya!

    Wow! I think these cards are an awesome way to show love to someone! And the way they're drawn is just perfect.I can easily see why they mean so much to you. :-)

  • Davinahaisell

    Hi Maya.
    These cards are adorable. Turns out they were a pretty special gift to have resurfaced 9 years later and bring you such gratitude. Beautiful memories from my past involve reminiscing about the farm where I grew up. It's thousands of miles away but I can visit anytime I want in a split second.

  • thinkmaya

    Thanks Keith :)

  • thinkmaya

    That is so neat Davina :) I tend to forget a lot of things – i guess it is my way of getting rid of some bad memories . Now I try harder to remember the good things – my life has been great for a long time now :)
    Farm memories make me think of the green, the fresh smell and pure joy …. :)

  • ranisjourney

    Wow! this is just beautiful! What a great find!!! I recently came across old picture of my first born when she was very little (she's still little, 7, but pics are when she was just born) And it just took Trevis and I to a place of quiet…relishing those moments when we first came home and there were three instead of two! Now there is four, and a hamster and soon to be cat and dog!!! Life goes on, and it's the memories that keep us going to create more!
    Happy New Year!

  • Photographs! They are one of my treasures I keep with me. It always brings me back to a familiar world that I once were and long to go back one more time. :-)

  • thinkmaya

    Rani – happy new Year to you too. Oh, my kids are just 3 and 2 and I still melt when I look at their pics when they were just a few days old :)

  • sushmita

    Hey Mayu,

    These cards are awesome… I can see why they are the most perfect cards you have ever gotten..beautifully made! Yeah…i feel the same when I see old photos and letters from my cousins on the old inland postcards..makes me treasure our family and the love we have for each other and make sure i stay in touch with everyone and let them know how special they are to me. All too often, we get caught up in the finishing the job and letting people know how much they mean to us or rejuvenating the old bonds takes a backseat. And of course regrets..soemtimes we have regrets and therefore learn not to make the same mistakes again!
    That's what I learn and remember when I see old letters and photos

  • These cards are priceless! I'm working on a presentation at work – on the power of personalized gifts – what a coincidence to come across these. They take me back to the memories that my BFF and I shared. We're now on different continents and I really miss her.