Time to be alive again!

It has been rather quiet around here for a while. The time has come for me to decide, make choices and create priorities.So here goes – from today – it is one blog – just one blog, right here. A blog that will be alive and kicking :)


1. I am way too busy. I have more kids that I can handle : my own 2 babies (the real ones!) , three blogs ( geekdance , thinkmaya and memetales and guest blogging), one startup that is looking awesome!!, a collaboration space, my involvement with SMCSeattle as a board member and now, I am running Mom It Forward Seattle.

Takes no rocket scientist to tell me that I really need to drop a couple of these right?

2. memetales is NOT a hobby. It is a startup that has a big vision. I have put some serious energy, savings and hours into it. To do justice, raise money and go pitch, I need time.

3. Honestly, people are not reading that much anymore. I know that is true of me. I do not have the time to read long, never ending posts. So really one blog is enough

4. I miss my blog. I miss what this space used to be. I do not want it to be what it used to – but I do want it to be my space. I need a place to hang out :)
So there, I change and you change. We are all allowed to change. As long as we are doing justice to ourselves and who we are, being honest with the world, how does it matter right? I hope you will ride along!

Did you ever kill a blog? Abandon a blog? Resurrect a blog?

  • http://momgrind.com/ vered | Professional Blogger

    Totally allowed to change. Looking forward! “I need a place to hang out” – that's how I feel about MomGrind. :)

  • thinkmaya

    Thanks Vered! You are one of the main reasons why I want to be here. A
    place to share and connect.
    I am looking forward to this!

  • Neeta

    Very happy to have you back in this beautiful space that I loved from the day I discovered it….look forward to your sharing once again. I've changed, I'm glad you have too and I'm ready for the ride :-)

  • thinkmaya

    Oh Neeta – you know how happy I am to see a note from you :)
    Thank you – thank you for caring enough to leave a note – I am touched!

  • http://SourcesOfInsight.com J.D. Meier

    Welcome back!

    I think life is a series of expansions and contractions. Expansion helps us grow in new ways, then contraction helps us funnel and focus our energy and build a firm foundation. It's spreading your wings, then cutting the dead wood.

  • thinkmaya

    You always know how to put things just right JD!
    Thank you :)
    Amazing I have not ever run into you in real life yet :)

  • Davinahaisell

    Hi Maya.
    Welcome back. It is good to have a place to hang out; I couldn't agree more. I left my first blog Loving Pulse when I moved to a self-hosted blog a year ago in December. It's still live and getting visits every day. Not sure what to do with it though. I hate to close it.

  • thinkmaya


    You still make me slow down :)

    I think there is a way you can move contents of a blog over – like
    actually merge them. I am exploring that – will let you know when I do
    it – perhaps you can too?

  • http://twitter.com/shrutigoradia Shruti Goradia

    Considering I just found your blog and loved it right away I am excited to know that you will continue sharing here.

    Also, a big thank you – being a new mommy in a new role at work and added responsibility at home I have been struggling with time issues myself. I've known that I need to prioritize but haven't focused on it. With this post you've inspired me to, I will figure out my priorities this weekend and post them over on my blog.

  • thinkmaya

    that is so sweet of you Shruthi!
    You know, it inspires me in turn when you take the time to comment :)
    Thank you!

  • Martin

    Really, this is a nice and inspiring blog and i love to share with like minded people.