Get out of that Comfort Zone

The more crowded the world gets, the busier our lives get – there is a lesser probability for serendipity and surprises. Have you noticed that? We over schedule our lives – who we meet, who we talk to and who we do business with.

And then, just once in a while, if we get out of our comfort zones, true *magic* can happen. And it does – if we just hang in there long enough to get comfortable with the discomfort. Yes, that is the catch.

I did just that. Went on a 16 hour road trip to Utah with Jenny and roomed with 6 women in a huge 2 bedroom suite for 5 days.

My post today is like a journal entry – a reflection. I write about the people because writing about them helps me reflect in the person they are. I hope you will go check them and their sites out – because they all have something different to offer. And if you live in the social media world, they are women you want to know.
So here goes – (all pictures are taken by me)

Lisa – lovely soul, mom and artist. Lisa’s wildly successful jewelry business is a direct outcome of the passion she has to do good in the world and give back. When she talks, you see through to her heart.

Lisa Leonard

The goa of her business is to do good - says Lisa

Laurie – a powerhouse of ideas and execution. An entrepreneur extraordinaire and a pillar of strength that will make rocks move.


Cindy and Laurie

Cindy – a quiet creative that slows you down in a gorgeous way. ( She reminded me of a favorite cousin. ) Cindy owns the term “Simple Glamor” – a paradox that will want you to get to know her more.

Lucrecer – a clean heart, a shiny heart. A woman that has let life teach her how to dig her creative self and value it. She taught me that – time and again. And for that, I am thankful. Something tells me she is a very very special mom too.


Lucrecer rocking the vlogging session

Catherine – a passionate storyteller and a gentle soul who is not afraid to let you know her thoughts. Yet she is the most gentle in a strange sort of way. She is selfless to a point that irks me (yes, I love her THAT much). Go check out the story of her nephew, since she will not do so herself 🙂


A very naughty Catherine Connors

Stephanie – a heart and brain that are eager to share, learn and teach. Ever since I met her ( at Blogworld last year), she has impressed me with her combination of smarts and heart. Steph stayed with us just one night – I really wish she had stayed longer.

Steph, Jenny, Laurie, Lucrecer

Jenny, Steph, Laurie, Lucrecer

And last, but my icing on the cake – Jenny – a sheer joy of life, a perspective that many lack and a sense of caring that the world could use just a little bit more. Her laughs filled my world as I roadtripped with her 14 – 16 hours to Utah and back. She is everything I wish I could be and cannot – and for that, I will always want her as a friend. How selfish, right? But I am sure she is alright with that – cause that is hoe she rolls 🙂

Thanks to Jyl and Rachel for an amazing conference!

Jenny on the Buick!

Jenny on the Buick!

The next time you think life is boring or full of crazy heartless people, get out of your comfort zone and do something crazy – and hang in there.Okay? It will be well worth it, I promise.