So, What is YOUR story?

Auto-Portrait by my 3.5 year old. She had a 5 minute story to go with the art. And yes, I loved it.

Auto-Portrait by my 3.5 year old. She had a 5 minute story to go with the art. And yes, I loved it.

Having a spectacular life or a unique life experience certainly gives us great stories to tell. But what about those of us that do not have anything insanely awesome to talk about? Should we just wait by the wayside until we have something sensational to talk about?

Wait, I won’t answer that right away.

I will just ask you a few more questions.

What made you smile today? What made you laugh? Did you talk to someone online? Did you watch a video that someone made?

Chances are you talked to someone that made you smile. Chances are you read an article that you could relate to – about everyday life, about technology or about how something sucks. Chances are you just chatted with someone about normal everyday life. You could relate to something someone said – you shared a little happiness and perhaps a few thoughts.

Now, they were not all sensational stories, were they? People tweet about what they had for breakfast because people like to hear that. It makes other people talk. It gets them to engage. [ I have experimented with that. My tweets about coffee by far get the most engagement!]

Believe me, people want to hear these simple mundane things. Not all the time, but they DO want to hear them.

So WHY do people want to hear all the useless mundane stuff?

Because we all hear stories and read stuff that WE can relate to. As selfless as we think we like and want to be, our lives are really all about us. No fault of ours, but deep down, we are always moved by stories that tie in with our own lives, our interests and desires.

So WHAT now?

Don’t worry that you do not have a sensational story. Just start sharing – small things, little things, joys, sadness and even failures. Failures, people love to read about – because there is just not enough people talking about them. Keep doing it and do it long enough.

Storytelling is an important skill in life (to build relationships that matter), in business ( to get people to pay) and for your own evolution. If you are in introvert like me, learning to tell stories will release you from the thinking cycle inside your head and help you realize what you are made of. Hearing where you are in life will help you decide where you want to be. Externalizing your life in a story can be a powerful way to look at yourself as another person would – which could be good or bad depending on where you are. In either case, it will help you work towards who you want to be.

So do not wait to start telling your story. Just tell your story. Just start. If you want your story to help start conversations with others, be sure to ask a question and make the story as much for the listener as it is for you. No matter what, stay true to your voice.

So, what is YOUR story?