10 ways kids and startups are similar

Last week, my older daughter turned 4. It has also been 6 months since my alpha site for my startup opened.

It feels like time flies and then again, it feels like so much has happened in so little time.


I realized that since I had kids and stepped out of he corporate world, the only way I can think of myself is in terms of my these *things* that I created from scratch…..my babies … – both the human ones and my startup.

Whether I like it or not (thankfully I do!) , I realize my life has become all about them.  Every waking minute is about my kids or my startup. As different as they are, they are pretty darn similar, in so many ways. So much so that I started to think it might make a fun post …So here goes –

1. They are both hard, incredibly hard

Oh yes, they are both hard hard work and lots of sleepless nights and lots of vomit – both literally and figuratively. Anyone jumping in to have a child or a startup, I say think very very hard. And just forget about it  if you are not up to the challenge.

2. They are both satisfying, strangely satisfying

Want to experience sheer sheer blissful joy? Easy. Make a baby or jump into startup land. Kids are start ups are perhaps the most satisfying things I have ever experienced in my life. The joy of seeing something you conceived come to life is unparalleled.

3. They teach you how NOT to take $hit

When you work so hard to take care of your kids and get things done with reagards to your startup and see how MUCH you are capable of,  well, you just don’t take $hit. I did favors for the whole world before I had kids and a startup – people who had no respect for my time or my abilities. Having a start up and kids completely changed that. Having something as important as kids and startups really help us recalibrate our priorities. If I do something for someone today, it means that they are  really really important to me. Gone are the days when I tolerated disrespect and being taken for granted.

4. People who don’t have them, will never ever “get it”

Well, that is rather self explanatory right? Which means once you have kids and startups all you get to do is hangout with crazy people – crazy people who have kids and crazy people who love the startup world. Geez, we must seem like losers!

5. It takes a village to raise them

Community is key – for a child and for a startup. Don’t try to raise either without some sort of a support network.

6. They will make or break your relationships

Oh yes.  They can both test your life and your relationships. While they are capable of enriching your life beyond your wildest imagination, they can break them too.  Thankfully for me, the kids and the startup have been the absolute best part of my relationship with my husband. We always dreamed of working on something together (besides the kids, I mean ;)) and the startup has been that dream come true!

7. As much as they define you, they ARE not YOU

I was quite a rebel growing up ( okay, I am now too). But oh boy, I realize too well that kids are their own people even if they do not seem as rebellious as me 😉 You will always do very well if you do not let your kids or your startup take over the person you are.

8. To let them grow, you have to let them go

Let your ids explore the world and let those awesome customers make your product theirs. Relinquishing cntrol teaches lets kids explore themselves beyond us. With startups you could call it community, customer service or crowdsourcing…. all ways to empower your customers to shape your product.

9. They make you incredibly efficient

With all the juggling, parenting and startups make us incredibly effecient. Why? Just because there is absolutely no other choice.

10. They are  ALWAYS worth it.

Yup. Success lies in how you define it. But if you have the right perspective, both kids and startups are always worth every bit  of blood and sweat you put in. Absolutely.

You have both kids and a startup? What are your thoughts?