Women and Startups and other “little” things.

As of today, we officially have a Mother’s Room at 500 Startups space in MountainView. Yeah!

It probably does not seem like a big deal BUT  …over the years of nursing, bringing up babies, sleepless nights, competitive work environments and now startup life, I know it is the seemingly little things make the biggest difference. The little things that help us get through the day while we focus on the real job make all the difference. ALL THE DIFFERENCE.  Especially when you are a new mom going on 2 hours of sleep a night. #YouhaveNoIdea

I am doubly proud to be a part of the 500 family today. Because we have a Mother’s Room. More importantly because it sends a message across to women, moms and men across the world that being a new mom AND working in a tech/startup environment isn’t impossible at all. If you are @500, you are focused on building sh#t. Mom, dad, single, American, international …whatever you are, who ever you are.

We can talk all we want about equality in the workplace, needing more women in tech startups and how to make it happen, getting more investors to invest in women. It is all great, but when the rubber meets the road and I am already dedicated to this start-up life, it is often the everyday crap that gets in our way. Those little annoyances that shouldn’t be there in the first place. Taking care of these little things is one of the fastest ways to bring about the change with women, tech and startups.

And in case you are wondering, if you are all about getting work done, motivated and driven …then having a couple of kids should only make you stronger and better fit for startup life – as long as you learn to understand what your little everyday needs are and know to ask for it – from your coworkers, significant others, friends and even investors. Sure, kids are not easy…nor is asking what what we need, but then again, we are entrepreneurs.  Entrepreneurs are inherently problem solvers. And that means, getting the unnecessary stuff out of the way so we can focus on our goals and the real issues.

While inspiration is great and I certainly need it, as a mom, I have mostly needed the real stuff, practical no-nonsense help. I do not have time for much else. If you make the everyday stuff a little easier for me, I will be incredibly grateful.

So, get out there and let me know if other startups and incubators have a Mother’s Room?