The key to happiness and balance is right with you, just learn to use it – Part 1 of the thinkmaya framework

It is hard to believe that we really have control over the happiness our in our lives. It is even harder to believe that there are very simple things we can do to balance our lives in this chaotic world. Yes, the key is right with us, all we need to do is understand HOW to use it. Most people look for a list of things to do at this point, but I believe in giving you a framework that you probably will be able to apply in most cases and come up with a list of things that will work just for you.

If you are too busy working on the happiness and balance in your life and do not have the time to read the complete post, just skip over to the slideshare at the end of the post …

How did I come upon this?

Through trial and error. Through continuous introspection. Through continuous analysis. Throughout my life. I do not claim that it is the answer to everything, but it is a start and a very good one at that. Over the years, I have applied it in my life for little things and big and it always seems to help me find that missing factor in my happiness. I am curious to see what people think of it and if other people will indeed find it useful.

The Background

Life is hard. Really hard. Relationships can be hard on us. And then there are responsibilities, obligations and finances. Life has challenges. We are constantly being tested – physically, emotionally and intellectually. How is it that some people seem to deal with it with wonderful poise and some of us get completely overwhelmed from time to time? I think the key lies in how people take consume and internalize this complicated web the world presents. The key lies in how we untangle this web and roll up a fresh new ball of yarn for ourselves and weave our lives from it with a wonderfully new perspective. We are what we think, do and feel. The magic lies in guiding ourselves, slowly nudging ourselves to be the person we want to be…

Let me use a picture to explain how we all are inherently made. At our very core, each of us is made of our heart, brain and body. At every moment in our lives these three components are alive, participating and communicating with each other.. making us feeling, thinking, acting human beings.

The heart, brain and body manifest externally as our feelings/emotions, thoughts and  actions respectively. The combination of feelings, thoughts and actions is what makes up our expressions .What we are on the outside is nothing but an expression of what we are on the inside. And what we are on the inside is a function of how we internalize our life experiences, situations and challenges.

If you agree with that,you should also agree that we should never be a victim of our experiences and situations since we have total control over how we internalize it all. And if we choose happiness, we will be happiness! Right?

Right. But not so easy.

The world is complex and our minds, bodies and hearts are constantly bombarded with stimulation … sending conflicting messages to every part of our being. In this noise, we lose the ability to hear our feelings and thoughts. When we stop hearing, we lose the ability to respond to our thoughts and feelings …we lose the ability to respond to ourselves. Very soon, we find ourselves acting in ways we do not believe, saying things we do not mean and reacting to situations in ways we do not think appropriate. We continue to do things that we know make us unhappy. What is more, when we have done this long enough, this becomes our truth and we go every distance to justify it.

And then we wonder why we are not happy.

What is the framework?

When we let our emotions, thoughts and actions communicate honestly with each other, listen to each other and collaborate, they help us make the right decisions for a happy life. They hold hands and walk together, leaving us in the Happy Core – free and joyful, ready to live the present and explore the future.

The thinkmaya framework will show you HOW to do this.

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