Slideshow: My Story – The Happiness Habit

For good or bad, happiness has become a habit with me. I have had to learn it the hard way, though. In this post,  I share some of that journey … how I found happiness and why I stuck with it.

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Why do I call Happiness a habit?

Let me take a minute to explain why I call Happiness a habit with me. Like most habits, good or bad, basic happiness has become somewhat effortless for me. It does not take much thinking on my part.

The Good –

Yes, life calls for lot of hard-work, but it does get somewhat easier if we learn to make choices that make us happy along the way. Finding happiness along the way makes us resilient to hard times and struggles – and as strange as it might sound, a little happiness goes a long way in helping us find a lot of it. Given I do make wrong choices, I tend to give in, forgive myself quickly and move on – since that is what makes me happiest and able – to give to, care and provide for my children, while I move forward in life.

The not so good –

Sometimes, I wish I could just be sad and curl up in bed – but I need to get up and move on – for my kids. These are the times when I think happiness is exhausting.  However, the way I see it, we do not have all that many choices in life – choosing to be happy seems to be one of the better ones 🙂

And so, I realized, when I participated in my Business Discovery Course with Tom Volkar, that the latest choice I have made – my commitment to my start-up, is designed (by me) to bring me happiness – irrespective of whether I succeed or fail in the conventional sense. Below, in the slide show, I share the story of my life leading up to my start-up …

My Story – the happiness habit.

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As I start a more challenging chapter in my life, I hope to remember, most of all, that I made this choice for happiness, more than anything. I hope to make the right choices along the way …and eventually reach yet another happy place in my life – amidst the struggles and hard work.

How do you make something a habit?

I do not know. I really don’t. And I can use your input on this one. Happiness became a habit for me after years of being miserable. After years of trying to be happy. With persistence. After discovering how being happy made my life so simple ….and as much as I like complicated “stuff”, I love how simple happiness makes my life.

Would you call happiness a habit? If yes, how did it become a habit in YOUR life? What choices have you made recently? Are they making you happy?

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