Why Girls Should Code

Technology is everywhere. No matter what field you choose to be in, you will need to know tech and interact with it closely. So, is there any question that coding today is much like Math or English?

Coding is a language. A tool in your toolbox. A way to get things done. Bring ideas into reality. It is what frees you (and the little girls in your life) to have ideas around your true interests and passions.

If a lot of girls get exposed to coding early on, I do really believe it can change the kind of innovations created in the future. Even if girls do not make coding their full time job, it is great at removing perceived barriers in getting products built. It really has been the best thing that happened to my own self-esteem!

Here is the talk I gave at EVOConf about this very topic. I am grateful to all the men and women at EVO for the incredible conversations we had about the topic. It was amazing to see how many people felt the same, connected with the topic and vowed to expose their girls to code …after just a 5 minute talk!

I am also grateful to the women in the femanomics group (started by Tara Hunt) for a very inspiring thread around girls and how to talk to them, stirred by Lisa Bloom’s article “How to Talk To Little Girls